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About Villa dei Venti…

Villa dei Venti is set atop a cliff in Qala – Gozo’s easternmost village, which has been named for “sheltered harbour.” The impressive property retains the authentic Gozitan farmhouse-style and harmoniously fits in with the breath-taking beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Rooms at Villa dei Venti are fitted with all the modern amenities which will make for a supremely comfortable and cosy stay. Roam the surrounding countryside and take in the stunning views from the cliffs, which overlook the distant Fliegu (sea channel between Malta and Gozo). Chill out and relax by the pool after a delightful walk, before getting ready for a sumptuous dinner made with authentic local produce.

The décor of  Villa dei Venti is a cosy extension of the sprawling countryside in which it is steeped. With a decidedly gentle rustic Mediterranean feel, the Villa retains all the charm and elegance of the typical Gozitan countryside farmhouse. The interiors feature natural tones and materials like rattan, wood, stone and slate for an understated rustic chic which emanates a peaceful environment. The different earth undertones and textures bring the neutral palette to life, without jarring with the modern facilities. The cosy atmosphere is a space in which the contemporary meets the rustic, with flair and style. The sun and stone take centre stage at Villa dei Venti to create a clean, warm and soft feel.

The property is ideally-suited for couples looking to spend some quality time together, as well as friends and family seeking some downtime to relax, lay back and mingle with the other guests. Come over and enjoy the year round sun, some cocktails by the pool or just a good book in the shade. Don’t blame us if you don’t want to leave …

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About Mulino Restaurant …

Mulino at Villa dei Venti is our modern casual dining restaurant, where we strive for one purpose … to cleanse your mind of your daily worries and heighten your senses with every bite and scent of our food.

Whether you are staying with us overnight or just passing by, ensure that you indulge your taste buds in some wonderful food and complimenting wines. You will not be disappointed!

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What’s behind Villa dei Venti and Mulino?

A great location … a property inspired by its immediate natural surroundings … a celebration of life and good times … an extension of the warm and welcoming community feel still characteristic of the island … an offering of local tastes … a laid back setting that belies the world around us … Welcome to Villa dei Venti!