The Island of Gozo

Located in the North of the Maltese archipelago, the rural, tranquil and picturesque island of Gozo – Ghawdex in Maltese – boasts an impressive jagged Mediterranean coastline and unblemished country trails, which makes it ideal for a relaxing getaway. Picture-perfect villages dot the countryside and historic landmarks, dating back to 3600 BC, provide a setting which beckons an exploration of the natural environment and cultural heritage, reminding visitors why Gozo is known as the Island of myth and legend.

While visiting us at Villa dei Venti we hope to give you a big taste of our small island, which nonetheless has various things to discover. Hop over the island and visit the main attractions or just wander off the beaten track where you are sure to encounter something different with every twist and turn that you take within our small villages, in the countryside or by the sea.

Just to get you started…

Gozo is home to some of the oldest religious structures in the world, the fascinating Ggantija temples, Ramla Bay which offers mesmerising orange-red sand and the picture perfect Hondoq Bay with its crystal clear waters. The island also enjoys numerous sites which are ideal for snorkelling and diving, making it a top destination in Europe in this respect. Wander up to the imposing Citadel in Victoria, also referred to as Rabat by the locals, for a bird’s eye view of Gozo or just get lost in the countryside … the list goes on and on.

Only one thing is guaranteed … Once you visit, you will never want to leave!